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11 Rocky Pl, Sea View, Durban, 4094


031 459 1221

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086 689 8405

Business Overview

King Soft Tissue is a manufacturer and distributor of tissue paper products. We are the leading toilet distributor is Durban. At King Sift we supply a variety of serviettes, towels, toilet paper and detergents. We offer you a range of serviettes to choose from. The serviettes come in different sizes, colours which are either 1ply or 2ply. Our tissue paper products are made with the best quality materials. You are guaranteed high quality tissue paper products. We have been toilet paper distributors since 2006. King Soft Tissue supplies its products to numerous industries such as Supermarkets, Janitorial and Hygiene suppliers, offices, factories and hospitality industries. We also sell a variety of detergents including dishwashing liquids, household cleaners, fabric softener, washing powder bleach etc. We assure you top quality products at affordable rates. 

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The most common chemicals we eat every day

Today's fast-paced world has resulted in us grabbing food and not putting much thought into what is in the products we consume. It’s easy to assume that just because it’s on the shelf of a trusted retailer that it is regulated with healthy consumable ingredients. Chemical preservatives keep the food fresh longer, and o enhance its shelf appeal. If you wish to be health-conscious, you should start by educating yourself on what goes into much of the food you purchase. Here are some of the most common chemicals you eat every day.