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1 McKenzie St, St. Lucia Estuary, South Africa

Business Overview

Advantage Tours and Charters is a tour and travel company based in St Lucia. We are known for the best whale watching excursions in South Africa. Join us for an extraordinary and enduring tour through the heart of Zululand. Advantage Tours and Charters offers unforgettable and unique crocodile and hippo boat cruises, which we are most noted for. This popular boat tour attracts locals and tourists from all over the world. At Advantage Tours and Charters we offer game drives, tours and safaris. Our whale watching excursions allows you to get close to the gentle gigantic whales up to 50metres. We promise you an amazing and astonishing whale watching experience.

 Our crocodile and hippo tours on the lakes of St Lucia are the perfect way to explore the St Lucia Estuary.  During the boat tours we guarantee you 100% crocodile and hippo sighting. Our ferry is a luxurious and extravagant double deck passenger ferry. Advantage Tours and Charters have tour guides to help keep you informed during each tour. Our travel guided tours include bird watching knowledge as well as whale watching knowledge. We are fully complaint and adhere to all the legal rules and regulations.

At Advantage Tours and Charters offer charter tours (Deep Sea game fishing). These charter tours are fully equipped with the latest technology of reels, rods and outriggers, making it easy for you to catch your fish of the day. Our boats are available to hire out for a day, which comes fully equipped.  The deep sea fishing trips are truly a unique and adventurous experience. Advantage Tours and Charters provide you with first class services. We have a team of professionals at your service. We ensure friendly service all the time and our prices are at an affordable rate. We offer you personalised attention and service. 

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