Nobel Prize Winner John Nash Dies

Nobel Prize-winning US mathematician John Nash, who inspired the film “A Beautiful Mind,” was killed with his wife in a car crash.

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Red Dwarf Stars Not Suitable for Earth #2

Red dwarf stars, the runts of the galaxy, probably aren’t so great for nurturing Earth-like worlds, say scientists running new simulations of the formation of planets around a variety of stars. 

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Ocean Movement Causes a Stir

Back in 2004, Hollywood conjured up a disaster thriller, “The Day After Tomorrow,” which was based upon an ingeniously disturbing premise: Global warming caused the melting of the Arctic ice sheet, which in turn altered the salinity of the oceans and altered their circulation. In a cruel paradox, that effect of global warming shut down the Gulf Stream and its warming effects, instantly triggering a new Ice Age.

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Half of Mozambique’s Elephant Population Gone

Poachers have killed nearly half of Mozambique’s elephants for their ivory in the past five years, the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society said Tuesday.

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