Genetics Plays a Role in Criminal Activities

Serial killers and other people who repeatedly commit violent crimes, such as assault and battery, may be hardwired to hurt others.

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Hangovers May Be Built Into Us

Some people get hangovers after a night of drinking, while others don't, and the reason may be in their genes.

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Is The Internet Taking Over?

New technology is getting more personal. So personal, it is moving to connect and analyse our movements, our health, our brains and our everyday devices. 

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Electronic Pain Relief Patches

Millions of athletes and arthritis patients turn to disposable pain relief patches designed to soothe aching joints and muscles. 

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New laws will help end strikes faster
CCMA confident that it now has more leverage to bring early end to strikes that often drag on for months, undermining economic growth
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SAB trailers burnt out at depot
SA Breweries is investigating a mysterious blaze at its premises on La Belle Road in Stikland.
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Eskom intensifies power cuts
Power utility Eskom has moved its power cuts from stage one to two, it announced on Twitter.
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Wikileaks: Google handed over our data
WikiLeaks has accused Google of handing over emails and data of its senior staff to the US authorities.
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Bokila helps DRC push through
The Democratic Republic of Congo squeezed into the Afcon quarters by the slimmest of margins.
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Rivaldo back for do-or-die encounter
Rivaldo Coetzee is set to make his return to the Bafana starting line-up for the do-or-die Group C match against Ghana.
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‘Lampard, Terry turned my career around’
Didier Drogba has paid tribute to the inspirational way Frank Lampard and John Terry helped turn his career around.
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Guardiola in no rush to sign extension
Bayern Munich have signalled their desire for a contract extension with Pep Guardiola, but he seems in no rush to sign.
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SIU boss steps down
Advocate Vas Soni has resigned as head of the Special Investigating Unit to spend time with his ailing wife.
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Massive storm hits New York City
A wind-whipped blizzard has created havoc for more than 60 million people in the US Northeast.
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Ten killed as jet crashes in Spain
Eight French nationals and two Greeks were killed when a Greek F-16 crashed during Nato training in Spain.
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Ohio sues over Obamacare taxes
State of Ohio files lawsuit that says Obamacare tax assessments against state and local governments for public employee health plans are unconstitutional
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