Hangovers May Be Built Into Us

Some people get hangovers after a night of drinking, while others don't, and the reason may be in their genes.

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Is The Internet Taking Over?

New technology is getting more personal. So personal, it is moving to connect and analyse our movements, our health, our brains and our everyday devices. 

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Genetics Plays a Role in Criminal Activities

Serial killers and other people who repeatedly commit violent crimes, such as assault and battery, may be hardwired to hurt others.

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Electronic Pain Relief Patches

Millions of athletes and arthritis patients turn to disposable pain relief patches designed to soothe aching joints and muscles. 

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Online Maps Get Coordinates
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Property Dream House
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Africa’s invisible treasure
As M-Pesa has shown, the continent’s true potential lies in its ability to innovate, writes Victor Kgomoeswana
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Solar water heating sector on ice
The sun is no longer shining on SA’s solar water heating industry, which has had to shed nearly 6 000 jobs.
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Strike could ground Comair’s fleet
A strike which could potentially ground Comair’s fleet is on the cards, after unions and the airline failed to agree on wage increases.
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Hollande, Kerry focus on extremism
Policies to boost economic growth and development will be important to prevent disillusioned youth from turning into extremists, both politicians said.
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Tennis elite bring upstarts to heel
The guardians of the court have crushed the grand slam hopes of their upstart challengers in the Oz open.
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Dennis wins Tour Down Under
Australian Rohan Dennis won the Tour Down Under in a thrilling final stage on Sunday.
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Nadal dashes Anderson’s Oz hopes
SA’s Kevin Anderson was beaten in straight sets by World No 3 Rafael Nadal at the Oz Open on Sunday.
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Only victory will do for Bafana
The calculators came out straight after final whistle in the game between Bafana and Senegal.
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Nafcoc boss ‘iced’ over missing R1m
The long knives are out for National African Federated Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nafcoc) president Lawrence Mavundla.
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Zuma’s son evades arrest warrant
A warrant of arrest is out for Edward Zuma – the eldest son of President Jacob Zuma – for allegedly failing to maintain a love child.
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Friend cried when Selebi died
About 9am on Friday, Tim Williams stood in the intensive care unit at the Jacaranda Hospital and shook his head.
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Author red-faced over ‘scam’
Top-selling South African crime writer Deon Meyer this week found himself at the centre of an apparent scam.
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