Genetics Plays a Role in Criminal Activities

Serial killers and other people who repeatedly commit violent crimes, such as assault and battery, may be hardwired to hurt others.

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Hangovers May Be Built Into Us

Some people get hangovers after a night of drinking, while others don't, and the reason may be in their genes.

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Electronic Pain Relief Patches

Millions of athletes and arthritis patients turn to disposable pain relief patches designed to soothe aching joints and muscles. 

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Is The Internet Taking Over?

New technology is getting more personal. So personal, it is moving to connect and analyse our movements, our health, our brains and our everyday devices. 

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Mama spots gap in money transfers
A new money remittance company, Mama Money, has been launched to help immigrants in South Africa speedily send money back home using cellphones and the internet.
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ECB boss leaves room for conjecture
Audacity doesn’t come easily to the European Central Bank (ECB).
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Holographic technology a reality
Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella needed to show the world the role of Windows in the future.
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Listed property to achieve lower returns
The listed property sector is expected to achieve a significantly lower total return this year than the 26.6 percent achieved last year.
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Jubilation as Balboa, Salvador score
Equatorial Guinea’s pulsating victory over Gabon sparked celebrations across the country.
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Congo through to last eight
Thievy Bifouma has helped Congo to reach the knockout stages of the Afcon tournament for the first time since 1992.
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Murray exacts revenge as old guard holds
Andy Murray felled his Wimbledon nemesis Grigor Dimitrov in the Oz Open on Sunday as the old guard stood firm.
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Ivory Coast has ‘lots’ to play for
Ivory Coast will be hoping they’re not eliminated from the Afcon finals in a drawing of lots as was the case 27 years ago.
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Know what Zuma thinks? I don’t
Eusebius McKaiser could write a thesis on what Thabo Mbeki thought - but not so with Jacob Zuma.
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Gunmen target Nigerian town
Nigerian soldiers have held off multiple attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants in Maiduguri.
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EFF moves to clear up car conundrum
A VW Golf 6 purchased by the EFF belongs to the party - despite it being registered in the name of a private firm.
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Japan reels after death of hostage
Islamic State militants have reportedly executed one of two Japanese citizens held hostage in Syria.
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