Woman That Follow a Mediterranean Diet May Live Longer

Women who eat a Mediterranean-style diet may live longer than those who don't, according to new study that looked at one marker of aging. 

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Shocking Insight On Electric Eels

The electric eel is one of those animals that can strike fear into people's hearts, even though it lives a relatively peaceful life in the tepid waterways of South America. 

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Turning Waste into Materials for the Trip To Mars

Mars is a long way off. Space agencies planning a mission there have estimated that sending six crew members to the Red Planet would take about 916 days.

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New Lava Lake in The Congo

Explosions of fiery lava fountains and plumes of poisonous gas, a new lava lake has appeared atop one of Africa's most active volcanoes.

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Mining firms help workers cut debt
Mineworkers in the gold sector will have more cash in their pockets after their employers culled some EAOs and helped them rearrange some debt.
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Zimbabwe’s bonded coins hit a wall
The bonded coins that Zimbabwe introduced appeared entangled in initial operational glitches, with the take-up by retail operators sluggish.
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Nene moves to restore taxman’s reputation
Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene has moved to restore the public’s confidence in the under-siege SA Revenue Service.
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Pillay faces suspension again
Sars deputy commissioner Ivan Pillay faced suspension again, a day after he was reinstated, a report said.
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England ‘had best 2018 WC bid’
England’s failed 2018 WC host bid “was by far the strongest”, a Fifa official said on Sunday.
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Phiri praises FS Stars' saviour
Kinnah Phiri has praised his top scorer after the FS Stars secured a relegation battle victory on Saturday.
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SA back among CAF club elite
SA clubs are back among the elite for the 2015 CAF competitions.
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Oresome year on the water
South African rowers reached unprecedented heights during 2014.
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The other side of Christmas cheer
At this time of compulsory smiles let's spare a thought for many who are feeling anything but festive, writes Eusebius McKaiser.
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Deadly shootings, several arrested for illegal firearms
Four men were shot and killed in four separate incidents at the weekend, while police carried out several operations in which they arrested people for various crimes, including the illegal possession of firearms and abalone.
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Egypt court tries 26 men for debauchery
An Egyptian court tried 26 men for alleged debauchery after accusing them of homosexual activity at public bathhouse.
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Four nabbed at Woolworths protest
Four people were arrested during an anti-Woolworths protest in Claremont, Cape Town police said.
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