Eating Late at Night Makes You Gain Weight

If you’re going to chow down on that box of cookies, you’re better off doing it during your usual daytime hours.

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Oldest Dinosaur Found in North America

The first-known horned dinosaur from North America recently was unearthed in Montana, according to a new study. 

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Oceans were formed by Comets Colliding into Earth

Comets are chunks of ice and dust moving through the far reaches of space and occasionally zooming past the sun. 

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Dried Whisky Art

Dried whiskey at the bottom of a glass produces stunning images that closely resemble fine art paintings.

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Hong Kong stops Namibian oyster imports
Hong Kong has suspended imports of live oysters from Walvis Bay after a high percentage of cadmium was detected in oyster samples.
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What you can learn from craft beer
Craft beer is booming business worldwide. Drew Marshall looks at lessons for entrepreneurs...
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Down and out in expensive Luanda
There is wealth in Angola; it's just not distributed well, write Manuel Soque and Colin McClelland.
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Food price inflation to drop in 2015?
Consumers can look forward to a possible decline in food price inflation next year, an expert says.
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McIlroy was golf’s story of 2014
Rory McIlroy dominated golf in 2014 - winning two majors, regaining the top spot and enjoying a Ryder Cup triumph.
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Hughes tragedy overshadows eventful year
Phillip Hughes's tragic death cast a shadow over an eventful year that saw Ashes rivals Australia and England brawl on the field and bond off it.
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City, Chelsea now EPL top dogs
Manchester City and Chelsea, England's nouveaux riches, appear poised to dominate the Premier League in 2015.
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Khedira keen on new Real deal
Germany midfielder Sami Khedira has dismissed transfer speculation and rather aims to renew his contract at freshly crowned Club World Cup champions Real Madrid beyond the season.
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Lover shoots at man over visit to wife
A Soweto woman was arrested for allegedly shooting at her married boyfriend who wanted to visit his wife for Christmas.
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Killer shuts man in burning shack
A Lenasia man burnt to death when his shack was set alight and the door blocked from outside.
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Cops seek dead man’s family
An 18-year-old man was found dead in Dobsonville, Soweto, with an open wound to his forehead.
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US unions push to recruit immigrants
Former illegals are in demand with US unions hoping to cash in on President Barack Obama’s recent executive action to boost their dwindling numbers.
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