• Possible Cure for Obesity

    Scientists have recently figured out the key factor in the struggle known as obesity. A major discovery has found the key factor that causes people to get fat. This new discovery will bring about new approaches to the health problem, approaches beyond diets and various forms of exercise.

  • Blind Spots can be shrunk in the Human Eye

    A new study conducted on 10 people by a group of researchers has shown that it is possible to shrink the size of the blind spot on a human eye.  

  • Harvesting Energy via the Oceans

    A team of engineers have discovered a new way in which to harness energy from the ocean. The team have been able to harness the energy by playing with three factors of the oceans water, namely: the difference between warm surface water and cold deep water. They will be using these factors to produce electricity.

  • Burger King’s Proposal to McDonalds

    Lifelong rivals, namely, Burger King and McDonalds may soon be joining forces. Burger King has proposed a one-day truce with McDonalds to create the “McWhopper”. This gigantic burger will be a combination of both fast foods mega sized burgers. The proposition is to join the Big Mac and the Whopper together; these are the most popular burgers at the fast food giants. 


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