Too Much Sitting Can Cause Anxiety

People who spend too much time sitting down be it during a daily commute, or in front of a computer or TV may be at increased risk for anxiety, a new review finds.

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Voodoo Used in Human Trafficking Earlier this week Spanish police arrested a half-dozen members of a human trafficking gang that lured four girls from Nigeria to Spain with the promise of jobs but instead forced them into prostitution and kept them there under threat of juju, or voodoo magic retribution.  
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1 Ton of Ivory Destroyed in Times Square A ton of illegal ivory carved into decorative objects was destroyed in New York’s Times Square on Friday as U.S. officials denounced poaching that kills thousands of elephants a year.  
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Jurassic World Roars to Life The mega-hit “Jurassic World” opened over the weekend, stomping box office records and drawing huge crowds to the special-effects heavy dino-fest.  
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