Too Much Sitting Can Cause Anxiety

People who spend too much time sitting down be it during a daily commute, or in front of a computer or TV may be at increased risk for anxiety, a new review finds.

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Voodoo Used in Human Trafficking Earlier this week Spanish police arrested a half-dozen members of a human trafficking gang that lured four girls from Nigeria to Spain with the promise of jobs but instead forced them into prostitution and kept them there under threat of juju, or voodoo magic retribution.  
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40 Year Old Meat Seized in China Almost half a billion dollars’ worth of smuggled frozen meat, some of it rotting and more than 40 years old, has been seized in China, reports said.  
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201 Tortoises Released into the Galapagos Islands Ecuador has released 201 tortoises on Santa Fe Island in the Galapagos archipelago, where a similar subspecies went extinct more than 150 years ago.  
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