Bacon Flavoured Seaweed

Superfoods like kale are efficient and nutritious foodstuffs, scientifically proven to be beneficial in dozens of ways. Unfortunately, we never want to eat them.

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Self-Proclaimed Vampires A small study of people who self-identify as vampires were, understandably, reluctant to reveal their blood- and energy-draining proclivities to doctors and psychologists for fear of rejection and being labelled mentally ill.  
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Modern Tobacco Products

Back in 1964, the Surgeon General released a landmark study that linked tobacco with potentially fatal health risks, such as heart disease and lung cancer. Small-scale studies beginning in the late 1920s suggested a possible connection, and major research efforts were underway by the 1950s, as explained by the American Cancer Society.

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Climbing to a Higher Socioeconomic Does take a Toll on Your Health

Study hard. Work hard. Pay your dues, and anyone can be a success. This is the classic advice imparted to those striving for a better life, a prescription that generally fails to account for other factors that inhibit upward mobility in people who start out life in an economically insecure household.

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