• “Deep Blue” The Six Metre Great White Shark

    A marine scientist is baffled by what is being called the largest shark ever caught on camera. A recent video taken near the Island of Guadalupe in Mexico shows a monstrous 6 metre Great White Shark swimming around the vicinity of a group of scuba divers in a cage. The 6 metre beast has now adopted the name of “Deep Blue” however, further enquiries are pointing towards how this colossal shark reached this size.  

  • Alcohol Sent Up to the International Space Station

    On Monday, a Japanese spacecraft arrived at the International Space Station equipped with supplies. The obvious supplies were included in this delivery, such as food and water. However it also included invaluable experiments and extremely strange shipment of liquor.

  • Nearly 2 Million Year Old “Modern” Human Bone Found

    A small bone from the baby finger of a human ancestor that existed more than 1.84 million years ago in the eastern side of Africa was discovered. The bone in question is the oldest “modern” hand bone ever found say scientists.  

  • The “Get Smart” Drug

    In the more recent years of scholars, concern has spread with regard to the uses of “smart drugs”. “Smart Drugs” are forms of medication that is used to enhance the performance of the brain whilst studying and writing exams. These enhancers are often drugs that are used to treat various other disorders such as sleeping, memory and attention-deficit disorders. However these drugs are now being used of prescription, in this scenario, to ace various exams.  


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